Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just cos we can (can)

Siegel - It's all YOUR fault!!


  1. Yup, this scores very highly on the cringeometer. To be fair though, we see people even more deluded than this bunch on Britain's Got Talent. And I don't think this is significantly worse than Diggy-Loo-Diggy-Ley. I'm slightly warming to it. In fact, NURSE, NURSE, I'm hyperventilating......

  2. It's all gone very quiet at OnEurope. Nothing on Twitter or Facebook since the end of March (and those posts were quite angry). It's nearly 2 weeks since Easter so the home page message is starting to look a bit tired. I'm not being critical - I'm a huge fan of the site - but have you decided to call it a day? If so, I'd like to say a massive thank-you to the OnEurope team - Phil, Nick, Roy, Franko and others.

    Best Eurovision website. Period.

  3. Twitter is the intellectual and cultural equivalent of eating your own shit. You sign up to reading every utterance of your chosen hero. And do you know what happens next? They have fuck all to say. And they have fuck all to say for weeks at a time. And then they're not your hero any more. And you realise that they're a self-obsessed, lazy, arrogant tosser for thinking in the first place that they had anything interesting to say.

    Most people shouldn't be allowed near a Twitter account.