Friday, 25 May 2012

And the winner is..... Spain!

Well not really. The first rehearsal has just finished here in Baku and the dummy voting has proclaimed Spain as the winner! Could that actually happen in reality tomorrow Oneuropaneers? You know what, it's not out of the realms of possibilty....

Maybe I'm totally submerged now in the Baku bubble but I was sat with Monty and Andrew of the other parish in the hall and all three of us were in bloody tears at the Pastora's performance. She nails it every time, will Europe go for it?

As I watched Loreen I did get a strong feeling that I was watching the winner. Sweden aren't daft, they are getting better and better and it does indeed work well on screen now.

Serbia is also very dangerous from that draw and with the points he already has in the bag, he has to be a serious contender.

I have a sneaky suspicion too that Estonia could provide a shock.

Nina for Italy has a bright blue wig and wearing a horrid silver dress that makes her look flat-chested. I'm hoping that this is only a rehearsal outfit.

We are surprised that there is a break coming before Azerbaijan as that normally hinders a song's chances though they need an excuse to big up her entrance I suppose, local girl done good...blah blah blah!

Denmark being sandwiched between Greece and Romania really helps Denmark and I don't see Romania doing so well now. Similarly, Germany are looking weaker after the rousing Spanish song.

All in all a great final and I think the winner will beging with an S, but don't ask me which one!

The opening sequence looks nice by the way. That Danny Saucedo has a lot to answer for, lots of insertions of glowsticks into the dancers costumes here! A modern and traditional dance mash up with guys being propelled up into the air on wires. It's a kind of Azeri riverdance and an impressive opening. Eldar and Nikki then mince in and reprise their winning song. Nikki seems to be wearing huge Jackie O shades and I really can't see the point.


  1. You guys don't hold out much hope for The Hump? Is it the draw or is the poor fella simply being outclassed? I'd be happy with a Serbian win (fantastic singer)and I guess if Spain pull it off it might give their nation a lift. And I'd love to see the Estonian chap do well (with his lovely, simple, danga-free song).

    It's all unfeasibly thrilling, Mister Chumley-Warner!

  2. Just saw a clip of Pastora's performance today. BLEW.MY.SOCKS.OFF (both of them).