Friday, 25 May 2012

Final rehearsal Live Blog

Right, thats it - Bedtime for me. Winner? - Well Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Romania.... oooh I don't know lol - Ask me tomorrow!!!

21.57 - Moldova. Song 26 and possibly the most lively one of the lot. Pasha will attack this I suspect tomorrow as he has nothing else to lose, sounds ok and will look camp as Butlins, but may well do very well.

21.53 - Ukraine. Very good song, lively and uptempo and worthy of a good finish. I hope she beats her chest again tomorrow!

21.49 - Serbia. Its ok - vocally spot on as usual, which is good - dangerous draw position!!

21.44 - Ireland. It is what it is. Dangerous and backing singer led pap.

21.40 - Song 22, FYR(or not) Macedonia. This is how a good song should be sung. Pity it's not Samo Ti really, but Eurovision owes her a chance - and she takes it with both hands. Good song sung well.

21.37 - Malta. Where is Deborah C Feat. Layla James?? - They aren't here but Kurt is. He's a good live performer, and did well to qualify (probably in =10th), but I just think in this final it'll not do a great deal.

21.32 - Germany. Eeerm, Standard fayre here from Herr Flick, sorry Lob. Its an average song sung averagely by an average performer. It'll do OK but nothing to set the house on fire.

21.28 - Spain. Sounds pretty decent in comparison to some of the failures that we have had tonight, Pastora hits the high note and keeps it in the right modulation, this just might have a chance as the big one. Spain to the wonning? - Maybe.

21.24 - Turkey. HOW did this qualify? - Anyway This sounds better than it did on Thursday and, again, will appeal to its disaspora, but very few jurors. This song is a walking euphamism isn't it?!

21.19 - Sweden. Clearly Loreen is over-rated fanwank at Even Money with many UK Bookmakers of repute. Might as well go home, right? - not so much actually. Again, its the EUROVISION song contest and not Euradio cos she is a very bad singer, performing a very half arsed song like something possessed. Winner? - Maybe, but only because it's the one people think they "should" vote for, it could be said. - Edit, untill SHE forgot her line as well, well coughed on some dandruff actually..... last 45 seconds less than perfect.

21.15 - Greece. Now we can hazard a guess as to why this qualified the other night, but to my ear she sounds worse than she did in the rehearsals. She really does sound like a petulant 8 yr old screaming the words at me. However, It'll do well in its usual places and that should be enough to scrape into the top 10 - Sadly.

21.11 - Denmark. There is not a lot you can do with this song to make it do anything other than plod into the higher reaches of the 6th-10th bracket. Jury sponge and she makes a good fist of it to be honest. Not in contending for winning, but close.

21.07 - Romania. They are going to win in a 5 year moving window dont you know. Not with this, but they'll do "right well" IF her in ear monitors don't fail - I think she did incredibly well considering. Sounds spot on tonight again. Top 5 RIGHT up until she forgot her lyric in the middle of the song. Cardinal Sin there love.

21.02 - Azerbaijan. Hmmmm... not really sure about this. Gets hometown support, clearly, but I just think its forgettable tosh sung well though.

20.57 - Norway. Tooji coming after Ott, thats a bad idea. Shows up how light this song is in comparison to the leaden voice of Ott. He sounds in better voice than he was in the semi - Top 10 I suspect.

20.54 - Estonia. Ott making me cry again, this is what a ballad should sound like. Definite Top 10 me thinks.

20.50 - Italy. Still a class song. Performed very well to my ear.

20.46 - France. Air Miles Anggun took Ivi singing lessons at the start of this one and was off key massivly. However, she perks up towards the end and remembers what key the song is written in. Very shaky vocal and trying too hard in places.

20.42 - Cyprus. Ivi has murdered her chance of jury votes by very off key singing and it is really uncomfy to listen too. It'll look better but it sounds very very bad indeed.

20.36 - Iceland. Fab vocal perfomance and a nailed on Top 10 I would think.

20.33 - Russia. Some people say that this is winning?! - I can tell you it isn't, but as has been pointed out its going to go close. If this wins, then the Eurovision has taken a step back 20 years at least.

20.28 - Bosnia. It is what it is - well sung but a little bit dreary, however Jurors will like this kind of thing. To what extent? - Not sure. Can't see it scoring highly.

20.25. Its a shame this isn't a radio contest, because Donny sounds really good, he just oversells the song though and, as its Eurovision and not Euradio......

20.21 - Albania. It is what it is. She is very strong - I just think the song is a bit too "out there" for the jurors.

20.17 - Hungary. Much as it pains me, this has pissed on The Hump's chips. This is in key and sounds very competent. If I was a juror, this would be scoring higher than UK by miles. Genuine Top 10 contender.

20.12 - Hump on first! - Massive cheer in the hall can't hide the off key notes here. There will be better performances than that tonight, however not without chances.

20.10 - OMG the hosts are annoying on Audio - in the TV they are going to be even worse!!

20.05 - Good news, I can hear the background noise of Baku so we should have some info for yer ASAP ;) - Song one, the UK of Stuff!

19.58 - If it works it will be here!


  1. Romania clearly lost her line and you are writing sounds spot on.....

  2. The fall of Romania was hard?

  3. According to the EBU there was a tie for the 10th place is semi 2

    Any comment?

  4. It's interesting. Malta I think.