Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown 2013 Part 3 - AUSTRIA Shine by Natalia Kelly

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Poor Austria had high hopes for their performers last year, the Trackshittaz, who had narrowly missed out on going to the Contest in 2011. Unfortunately the ‘Shittaz ‘comeback’ was considerably less successful than anticipated with one spraining his ankle so badly during their performance that had they qualified his appearance in the final may have been in question. As it happened they finished last so there was no need to worry. Some fans hoped that we might see a return of last year’s Austrian runner-up, bearded drag-queen Conchita Wurst, but this was not to be as broadcaster ORF treated us to 5 fresh new acts. Or so they claimed. Natalia’s song is a modern pop and R’n’B influenced number, and she delivers it very well indeed, with a confident voice and engaging presence, although for me it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. This isn’t a style I’m particularly drawn to, although it’s a combination that could see qualification and a fairly solid result. In the national final it was helped by the ever-popular golden-shower of pyrotechnics that however many times you see it still seems to add a little oomph to that final chorus, though I’m rather suspecting we’re going to see a lot of them this year.

My score: 4 points

Monty x

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