Friday, 29 March 2013

View from Oleviste Kirik - Part IV

As you'll know, the running order has now been set by the organisers of the Malmö bunfight.  Since my first three parts were simply in alphabetical, I've kept these the same.  Monty has doing a sterling job in his reviews, but here are mine.

Albania – Our friends in the south always do the same thing. Pick a song three years prior to the contest concerned. They re-arrange the tune, the words, cut it in half and Tanel’s your uncle. A work of pure genius. At least, it would be normally. Like their immediate neighbours to the north, Albania has been brave and tried one of those genres that to Eurovision is a bit like Marmite (other yeast-based extract products are available). I’ve no idea how this will do. It could catch the mood on a humdrum Thursday night in May. Or it could be universally ignored.

Armenia – We have some heavy metal pedigree here I understand, but it doesn’t show. In fact, a song promoting a range of travel books is a masterstroke. If only there was one for Malmö or Skåne. A bit like the song really. It promises much but really fails to deliver. I suspect Armenia will really struggle to make the final this year. There’s one extra song in this semi-final, so a song needs just that little bit extra to make it.

Georgia – In 2011 Ell & Nikki sang a duet ballad and limped home to victory in dear old Düsseldorf. This year’s vintage of that formula has been hijacked by one of their neighbours. In my view, a straight fight between them Azeris and these plucky Georgians would see the Georgians win every time. It’s a far far classier attempt and it ticks all the boxes.

Greece – If only the title of this song were true. Heady days of a Moscow Euroclub spring to mind. We appear to have a bit of an identity crisis going off here. They’re Greek, but they’re wearing skirts/kilts. Is there some Helleno-Scottish alliance no-one’s talking about? There must be, because we know how much the inhabitants of Pollok love their Buckfast wine. As a song, it’s executed very well. It’s got the right ingredients if you want something typically Greek. The British will like this I’m sure. But I suspect the Greeks don’t want to win as Mad TV blew the budget on the national final.

Hungary – We have another country eschewing the chance to sing in English, and I therefore have a lot of respect for the Hungarians. Sometimes a song in your own language indicates that you’re not afraid to take risks. And even though I need a translation of the lyric to work out what Byealex is singing about, I really like this song. It’s very simple although maybe a little wordy. Perhaps that’s the Magyar way – why use one word when 38 will do. But I would like to see this in the final.

Israel – Another female power ballad. While I’m sure the Hebrew language means well, it sometimes doesn’t come across best musically. Portuguese and French are musical languages, but Hebrew and German aren’t always as easy on the ear. I can’t really say how I think this one will do. I somehow suspect it might just fall by the wayside because it is another ballad. I’m going to sit on the fence here and predict it’ll come between 7th and 13th on 16 May.

Norway – This is serious song. There’s no fun element here. Just listen to the lyric. Knives against backs and all that. Sounds like a night out in my own home city. The Norwegians don’t appear to be in Malmö to have fun, but more to almost bully everyone into voting for them. More than that, after the titles of the songs from Belgium and Ireland, I’m not sure whether I’d want love feeding to me. Now if the title was ‘I feed you my cheese’, at least I could die a happy Riigi. That said, Margaret is an eye-catching blonde and she’s going to have a large contingent of patriotic countrymen in the audience. This will qualify.

Romania – Falsettos (I think that’s the right word) David D’Or and Krassimir Avramov were similarly blessed/cursed in the voice department and both failed to get out of the semi-finals. There’s something slightly unnerving about a man with such a strangely high voice. Not so long ago, we were all making predictions that Romania could win within five years. Maybe that was a little optimistic, because Romania is not going to be singing on the Saturday night.

Switzerland – Way back in the depths of winter, before someone came down my chimney bearing gifts, this song won in a town that is almost in Germany. I did want Anthony Bighead to win the competition, but it seems that both the producers of the show and the populace of the Confederation had other ideas. I understand that Mr Oneurope did briefly see/interview/overhear one of the members of HeilsarmeeTakasa in Malta and generally the vibe is positive about the song. I’d like to see it qualify, just to p*ss on Lys Assia’s chips as potentially the act with the oldest person ever to appear on a Eurovision stage on a Saturday night.

I'll deal with the 'Big 5 plus 1' soon.

Spot ya

R x

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  1. Semi 2, part 2:

    Albania - The combination of the voices are not good but generally it has some melody, though the melody is hiding behind a wall of guitars' sound.Not sure how voters will react to this.

    Armenia - there is nothing worse than a boring song.This is a boring song that goes nowhere.

    Georgia - A middle of the road song that can do very well if presented well and the chemistry between the 2 singers will show during their performance.

    Greece - At least it is different from what Greece have sent in previous years. That's said it is on the edge of been a novelty act.Not sure how it will come across on the stage.

    Hungary - Strange and not half bad as I thought it was when first heard it.It's a song that needs several listening before you can judge.That may be a problem in Eurovision when songs,sometimes,have only 1 chance to impress.

    Israel - My view of the song is known. I said it somewhere in this blog before. I like the song. Don't mind it is in Hebrew.Have problems with how memorable it is. Think it will qualify, but don't see it winning.

    Norway - She has a strong voice and she carry the song extremely well. Though it has a big chance of winning, I think there is something that will prevent Europe to vote for her,massively.I am not quite sure what it is.

    Romania - 1 of the few countries with a 100% qualification record. But this is dreadful.Again a case of the wrong singer for the wrong song. If there is justice, this should not qualify.

    Switzerland - Each contest has an anthem song. this is the one of this contest, and it has enough ingredients to get everyone vote for it.